Extra virgin olive oil


We cultivate passions, we collect treasures.

Trèsor is a distinctive sign, the quality mark of a good and genuine product: ours extra virgin olive oil.

In the beauty of our olive groves we remain faithful to traditional crops to always give you the fruit of the best pressing.

Trèsor is an excellent product, made from the best olives harvested from family lands expertly cultivated in an eco-sustainable way, respecting nature and the environment.

Trèsor is an extra virgin olive oil genuine and controlled, a concentrate of antioxidants and omega 3, obtained from the blend of olives from the Frantoio, Leccino and Rotondella cultivars grown on the hills of the Picentini Mountains, in the ancient olive groves of the Di Maggio family.

Trèsor has a light fruity flavor because the notes of freshly mown grass and fresh almond are light. On the palate it is sweet with very small notes of bitter and spicy, at the sight it shows golden reflections.

Yellow gold of our hills

All the taste of the Picentine hills

The best fruits of our olive groves

The first phase of the production of our extra virgin olive oil is the harvest, an important moment studied in detail. This process begins at a specific time, that of veraison, when the olives are ripe at the right point.

At the first light of dawn, our small business begins: the family reunites and after the coffee ritual goes to the olive grove.

The choice of ripe fruit is meticulous: we harvest only when the color is intense green with shades tending to purple. Color is an important indicator, because it is the sign of a great concentration of properties. They are the polyphenols, the antioxidant richness contained in extra virgin olive oil.

The actual harvesting phase takes place with patient movements. We must be very careful not to damage the plants by tearing off the branches, so we adopt manual olive harvesting techniques.

Within 2 hours of harvesting, the olives arrive at the mill and the phase of cold pressing. This is where theextra virgin olive oil Trèsor, in a race against time.

The extraction phase is essential, because even a simple mistake can compromise the success of the business. In fact, the oil is of superior quality only if it meets certain requirements.

For it to be extra virgin, the oil must have an acidity expressed in oleic acid not exceeding 0.8%, a threshold that if exceeded would alter the organoleptic properties of the product.

Ecco perché Trèsor is excellence, an unchanging and unmistakable oil: the history of the May Company poured into the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet.

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A treasure that nourishes and cares

Extra virgin olive oil is a genuine and controlled product, a concentrate of antioxidants and omega 3. This is why, despite being a food with a high energy value, it is classified as a nutraceutical.

Extra virgin olive oil nourishes and cares: Acts as an electrical insulator for the brain and nervous tissue, helping our body to feel good and live better, counteracting the concentration of bad cholesterol in the arteries.

We know the richness of its properties and i natural antioxidant benefits, due to the large concentration of polyphenols. We know how much love is contained within a single olive.

For this reason, for the production of our oil, we are attentive to every single phase: from harvesting to processing, the whole process follows a high and well-defined quality standard.

Our manic attention to matter first it represents the first step to produce a fragrant oil, with a characteristic bitter-spicy taste.

It is precisely that tingle, typical of fine oils with a high concentration of polyphenols, that makes ours Trèsor a fine oil, with an unmistakable flavor: a masterpiece of nature and wisdom.

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