Round hazelnut from Giffoni IGP

Ancient family passion

Producers of round hazelnut from Giffoni IGP.

The family hazelnut grove it is our first passion, an ancient bond that has its roots many years ago, when we explored the paths drawn by hazelnuts, fascinated by their majestic beauty.

Since then we have loved these particular trees, so sinuous, almost feminine. For us, each of them is not just a plant organism, it is a gift handed down to us with affection and devotion from our loved ones.

Our work is inspired by goodness.

We know the commitment necessary to obtain a quality product because we take care of our friends and their fruits every day, practicing sustainable agriculture that respects biodiversity.

We care about ours round hazelnut from Giffoni IGP that we grasp with love, with the utmost respect for the ways and times of nature. 

We drop the ripe hazelnuts on sheets placed a few centimeters from the ground and in this way we avoid direct contact of the fruit with the soil moisture. This allows us to preserve the integrity of our hazelnuts and keep their high quality intact.

Harvesting is done manually: The fruit falls on the sheets when it is ripe, usually as early as the third decade of August. The drying takes place in a slow and natural way and the grading, roasting and shelling of the hazelnuts take place just a few hours after harvesting. This timeliness allows us not to alter the qualitative and organoleptic characteristics of the product.

A round and good fruit

Round hazelnut from Giffoni IGP

The ancient treasure of the Picentini Mountains

The round hazelnut from Giffoni IGP it is a unique fruit, as small as it is precious, which since ancient times has been an emblem of wisdom, fertility and energy.

Due to its characteristics, the round hazelnut from Giffoni IGP is one of the most prized Italian varieties ever:

• Seed with a perfectly rounded shape;

• White pulp with an aromatic taste;

• Thin and easily detachable perisperm;

• High content of nutraceuticals.

The round hazelnut from Giffoni IGP it is an Italian agri-food excellence appreciated all over the world.

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This round fruit, good and genuine, thanks to with its medium size and homogeneous appearance, it is particularly suitable for roasting.

In the food industry it is widely used in transformation processes such as the preparation of grain, flour, oil and hazelnut paste.

The round hazelnut from Giffoni IGP it is also particularly suitable for direct consumption as it is considered a beneficial fruit with multiple nutritional properties.

It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers, essential fatty acids and antioxidants and its consumption is indicated in the prevention of cholesterolemia and cardiovascular diseases. 

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