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The "Di Maggio" farm

A family history

LThe "Di Maggio" farm has a three-generation history. It all began in 1976, when two brothers decide to continue their parents' work and pass on their love for agriculture to their descendants.

Today the story continues entirely in the feminine: we are Nadia, Adele and Sally and we want to lead you to discover the land we cultivate with patience and dedication.

Our passion follows the lifeblood of the mulberry tree under which we played as children and which has brought us here with one goal: produce unique and quality products, the best fruits of our land.

We are located in Montecorvino Rovella, in the province of Salerno, in the heart of the Picentini Mountains. A fertile territory, rich in history and biodiversity that enjoys a unique microclimate.

The land of our company extends over approximately 54 hectares of which over 37 hectares of olive groves, 9.3 hectares of hazelnut groves, 2.5 hectares of chestnut groves and 9200sqm of vineyards.

We put the care of our trees and plants in the first place to create food products of the highest quality. We produce Round hazelnut from Giffoni IGPextra virgin olive oil and PGI Colli di Salerno wines.

The public can criticize your product. It can dispute your company's data. But he can't deny your story.

Ann Clark

Discover our products

The earth is his temple, the tree his god. We, the custodians and creators of an unmistakable product.

"Di Maggio" Family

Our values

Your smile, our pride

Respect for the land, love for nature and the constant pursuit of excellence are the values ​​of our company.

Respect for the earth and love for nature.

Our bond with the earth is authentic and profoundNature is always and forever an inflexible judge. Only respecting it will it bear fruit.

Innovation and tradition.

Our work draws on tradition and is inspired by innovation. Technology is, for us, a tool for constant improvement, while respecting the environment.

Quality and well-being.

We collect its best fruits from nature, leaving the scents of the earth unchanged. We take care of our fields, our spaces and the people who live the company. We are convinced that a quality product is the result of a fertile combination of well-being and ethics.

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