Family history

The earth is his temple, the tree his god. We, the custodians and creators of an unmistakable product.

L’The "Di Maggio" farm has a three-generation history. It is a story that crosses genealogies and follows the lifeblood through the tree that brought us here. We are Nadia, Adele and Sally and we want to lead you among these cultivated lands with love and dedication.

"Di Maggio" Sisters, September 2020

Casa Rezzaro

Bunches of memories for a wine that tastes of family.

Vines that are lost visibly lined up on the perches, the clayey soil of the Picentine hills, fertile soil and a lot of passion in the care of the vineyard.

The result is Casa Rezzaro, the IGP Colli di Salerno wine that smells of family.


We cultivate passions, we collect treasures.

Behind a large olive tree hides a centuries-long journey.

Trèsor it's ours extra virgin olive oil, a treasure that we keep with care.

Produced exclusively with selected olives from cultivar frantoio, leccino and rotondella, grown on the hills of the Picentini Mountains and processed as per tradition.

Beneficiary of the contribution of measure 19 T.I. 19.2.1 SSL LAG Colline Salernitane B.T.I. 4.1.1

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